Sure Grip Huck Trucks, set of 4




The wait is finally over.  There has been a lot of hype over this and we are very excited.  With the help of “Nick the Medic” Sure Grip is releasing a completely new park truck, called the HUCK truck.  100% made in the USA, the truck is stronger than any other truck on the market.  Gone are the days of using skateboard trucks as a retrofit. 

The Huck truck will last longer and perform better than any other item on the market, period.  This truck was meticulously designed to fit a wide range of applications with great detail taken to assure the proper fit.  As with most of Sure Grips products they are designed to fit across several models, this will save time researching what will fit and what wont.  All Sure Grip products were designed together using a common starting point.  The Huck truck will fit on all Sure Grip 10-degree kingpin plates, this include the Probe, the ROCK, and the Avanti plates to name a few.  The Avanti Mag will need new pivot cups which are provided with each truck. 

The HUCK truck is solid cast aluminum using only the best material possible.  The truck itself is classified as a 3” truck with a 5.75” axle.  This will accommodate both roller skate and skateboard wheels if you so choose. 

Each truck weighs an average of 5 ounces.