Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

Roller Skating & Roller Dance

Looking for skate or dance lessons in the New York area?  Then look no further then Skaterobics! Skaterobics led by Tanya Dean, is a space where they teach adults the basic fundamentals of roller skating and roller dance.  From beginners, all the way to advanced level skaters. For more info on how to sign up for classes check out their website, just click the link Skaterobics

Roller Derby

Have you heard about roller derby but aren't sure how to get started? Look no further!  Five Stride Skate Shop is a proud sponsor to two of the greatest leagues in the world, Gotham Roller Derby in Brooklyn, NY and the Rose City Rollers in Portland, OR.  Both leagues have exceptional training programs designed to help skaters develop their foundation skills which are a necessary part to having fun and staying safe while on eight wheels! 

For more information on how to get involved with roller derby as a skater, spectator or volunteer click on the links below.

New York Area - Gotham Roller Derby

Portland, OR Area - Rose City Rollers