How To Measure

For general outdoor and recreational skating, please use our Size Charts to convert your measurements and determine your skate size for the specific skates that you are interested in. If you need more help or are interested in dance or derby skates, please Submit A Virtual Fitting Request!
1.     Measure the length of your foot.
-        Place a blank piece of paper flush against a wall
-        Now place your foot on the piece of paper with your heel flush against the wall
-        With a pen mark the longest spot of your foot. 
-        With a ruler measure the length of your foot down to the nearest 1/16 of an inch or measure in centimeters. 

2.     Take photos of your feet, while sitting. Your knees should be at 90 degrees.
-        Take one photo of your feet from the top to see your foot shape. 
-        Take a second from the back so we can see your heels. 
-        Take a third from the side so we can see the height of your foot.