Roller Rinks

Oaks Park Roller Rink, check the weekly schedule of events online

*See Skate Groups section below for outdoor roller discos

Skate Parks

Check out this map of Portland Metro Area Skate Parks made by the folks at CIB Portland. And for the rainy season, here are Covered and Indoor Skate Parks. Some favorites include:

  • Luuwit Skate Spot (NE PDX)
  • Glenhaven Skatepar (NE PDX)
  • Pier Park (North PDX)
  • Beaverton Skate Park aka Tron (Beaverton)

Portland also has a great queer owned indoor skate park that we love:

Stronger Indoor Skate Park (Milwaukee)

Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Bowl is a skate park meet-up hosted by the Five Stride crew & friends at various skate parks in Portland area and at our shop ramp during winter months. These quad skate sessions are open to all ages and skill levels and were started to make space for queer skaters in the skate parks. Check out our IG page (@breakfastbowlskate) for more info. 

Skate Groups & Meetups

Various informal skate groups organize meet ups in the Portland area via IG. Check out the following groups: