Riedell Toe Guard Strips, Pair

By Riedell


• Made from full-grain leather
• Available Leather Colors: Black, White, Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Ultra Blue, Baby Blue, Mango, Yellow, Orange, Emerald Green, Purple, Gray, and Turquoise
• Covers front of toe for scuff protection
• One Size Fits All

"This may sound silly but I'm super attached to my toe guard strips. When I started roller derby in 2014 I bought a pair and I've put them on every single derby set up I've had since, even if I don't need to. My current skates have a built in bumper but I put on my old toe guards anyway. They've definitely taken a beating over the years, but are still holding on strong and protect the front of my boot just as well as they did on day one! The most important thing to keep in mind with the toe guard strips is that they only cover the middle section of your boot, so if you're looking for maximum protection go for a different style. However, for the price, these are a really affordable way to protect your boots and keep them looking nice." -Bella