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Riedell Blue Streak Boot

Riedell Blue Streak Boot

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• Hand-sorted full-grain Kango-Tan leather upper
• Innovative split-quarter pattern
• Full-grain Chinook leather lining
• Genuine Shearling tongue lining
• Two-slit “Fox” tongue (to help reduce tongue rotation while skating)
• HF-5 Heat moldable outside quarter right boot
• Nylon Snug Tie
• Finger-loop backstay
• Stitched and cemented leather outsoles

Hand Made in the U.S.A. by Riedell! Color customization available with ColorLab upgrade.

If not in stock with the manufacturer, please allow 6-8 weeks for this boot to be built.

"So soft! So Comfy! The Blue Streaks use a super soft leather and have a shearling lined tongue, so break-in should be a breeze. The two features I love the most are the snug-tie heel lock loop and the closed-toe design, allowing for a little toe wiggle room and a super-snug heel fit. They run a little big and they stretch more than some other skates, because of the soft leather, so consider sizing down." - Mack