Radical Outdoor Sunset Wheels, 4 Pack


These wheels are sold in packs of 4 wheels, enough for one skate. If you need a full set of 8 wheels, please add TWO packs to your cart!

The Radical Sunset Wheel, is the newest outdoor wheel on the market.  If you're looking for a faster roll while you're out hitting the streets or the trails look no further.  This outdoor wheel is a 60mm Diameter x 36mm width and an 84A hardness.  

Who are Radical Wheels?

Radical Wheels was started by Neon of BIPOCWHOSkate on Instagram and Olive of Queer Skate Alliance on Instagram.

Radical Wheels is invested in growing the skate community across multiple intersections and in making high quality products at accessible prices. Every aspect of Radical Wheels will be rooted in culture & community consciousness. Radical Wheels are for Radical Humans. 

Radical Wheels donates a portion of their profits on every set of wheels sold to  a cause that supports Queer & Trans BIPOC.