Radar Energy Wheels 65mm, 4 Pack

By Radar


These wheels are sold in packs of 4 wheels, enough for one skate. If you need a full set of 8 wheels, please add TWO packs to your cart!

• Size: 65mm x 35mm
• Hardness: 78A
• Type: Outdoor, Trail, Rough paths
• Colors: Black, Clear Red

"If I know I'm going on a trail or a long street skate I always put these on! They're big and gummy so I feel totally comfortable taking on pebbles, twigs, and other debris in the NYC streets!" -Bella

"These are a favorite outdoor wheel for maximizing comfort when I have a long skate commute or want to skate the loop at Prospect Park. I also recommend these to folks who are newer to street, sidewalk, and outdoor skating, as they offer maximum vibration absorption and offer a little extra width to add to general stability." - Mack