PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plate



• 6061 series heat-treated, lightweight, extruded, aircraft-aluminum plate
• Brilliant anodized platinum gold finish
• Patented truck design allows for greater agility and stability
• Progressive Lateral Movement creates efficient pressure and eliminates traditional stress points that cause breakage
• Precision-machined aluminum trucks with chromoly steel axles (8 mm)
• Unique urethane Split Butterfly Cushion design

"An incredibly responsive, "snappy", and lightweight plate. After graduating from the original (red) Arius plate, I skated on this plate for nearly 4 seasons, swearing by its tight turning radius, energy efficiency, and ease of adjustment. This is a really excellent plate for folks who don't like to or want to fuss around with plate adjustments and/or folks looking to improve their edge work and c-cuts. Consider splitting cushion hardnesses for a broader range of "action", and, if you're finding the plates to be a little squirrely at first, consider putting firmer cushions under your heel and softer cushions under the ball of your foot." - Mack