Moxi Jack 2, Boot Only, True Blue

By Moxi


Product Description:


Modern materials, strengthened reinforcements, and advanced manufacturing techniques make the Jack 2 built for the highest performance maneuvers to withstand the stresses of landing high airs, flips, and gaps on ramps in the skatepark and while street skating. New maneuvers are achieved in the Jack 2 by stabilizing the ankles for balancing in grinds and on rails. The Jack 2 support system offers more confidence jumping onto high obstacles and balancing on low flat rails and down rails, expanding the skater’s trick repertoire.


Jack 2 is double-backed with dual density ankle padding and open cell foam for long-lasting comfort.  Rich suede and a soft, genuine Shearling tongue lining make the Jack 2 as comfortable as it is strong, and a tongue stabilizer keeps the tightening of the Jack 2 secure and holds the position of the tongue in place. Choice accents such as a black backstay design featuring the signature Moxi “M”, solid nickel-plated hooks, and a quality nylon webbing finger loop round out the Jack 2, ensuring the integrity and popular features of the original Jack stay intact. The stiffest and most supportive of any Moxi model, the Jack 2 requires approximately 20 hours of break-in time to form it to the shape and contours of your movements.




  • Reinforced double split suede leather upper or made Vegan for no additional charge (stock Vegan option only)
  • Increased reinforcements for improved stability, precision, and power
  • Leopard print Dri-Lex® lining
  • Black PVC unit outsole and heel
  • Genuine Shearling tongue lining
  • Signature black Moxi “M” backstay with finger loop
  • Anti-rotational lace and tongue bar stabilizer
  • Dual density ankle padding
  • Triple reinforced eyestay
  • Solid machined, nickel-plated hooks
  • Black textured polyester laces (90-in)

Available colors and sizes:


  • Classic Black: 4-13 Full & Half – Medium width
  • Lilac, True Blue, & White Vegan Microfiber: 4-10 Full & Half – Medium width



Note about our suede leather:

The leather used in our roller skate boots is real, genuine, bovine cowhide that is hand-sorted and inspected for quality by touch and feel before purchasing or cutting it. The suede texture on the hide varies in coarseness making the texture of the leather vary slightly. This will not change the functionality or feel of the skater’s experience.


Note about our custom vegan microfiber:

Our vegan material is custom-made for Moxi roller skate boots. It is made of synthetic polyurethane, microfiber.

  • Class leading abrasion resistance
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Peel resistant
  • High UV resistance to prevent yellowing
  • Completely free of animal products

Customizations allowed for Moxi Jack 2: 

  • Color changes - Moxi “Best Friends” color customization details as follows:
    • Left and right boots can be 2 different colors, but each boot must be 1 solid color from the Moxi suede color palette - $160.00
      • Multiple suede colors per boot or colors/materials outside the Moxi suede color palette are not allowed 
    • Black vegan microfiber is as custom option to replace white vegan microfiber - $100.00
    • Additional Notes:
      • Backstay cannot be changed from black leather or black vegan microfiber
      • Nylon webbing cannot be changed
      • Black outsole cannot be changed 
  • Leather and leather/cork heel outsoles - $80.00 or $50.00 when added with Color Customization Fee
    • Black edge coat will be the finish
  • Banana Cream liner to replace Moxi Dri-Lex liners - $80.00 or $10.00 when added with Color Customization Fee
    • Banana Cream is the only liner customization allowed (no Cambrelle, Strata, or non-Moxi Dri-Lex liner)
  • Split sizing, width changes and non-stock sizes are available upon request - $80.00 or $10.00 when added with Color Customization Fee
  • Contact either Five Stride Brooklyn or Portland for pricing on custom options
  • All custom orders are non-returnable