Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stops

By Chaya

Stem Length

The Chaya Cherry Bomb Stopper is a combination of natural rubber and durable, extremely durable synthetic components. The 48mm diameter of the flat shaped stopper provides high stability and consistently consistent grip, which is needed for quick and quick stopping. To reduce weight to a minimum, the Cherry Bomb Stopper is available with 18mm (short) and 30mm (long) hollow threads. Whether wood, hall cover, concrete or asphalt, this stopper works on all floors without leaving any traces.

Product Specs:

Stem: long=30mm, short=18mm, thread=5/8"

Shape: flat, 48mm diameter

Material: natural rubber & styrene-butadiene rubber

Extras: fit standard imperial threaded plates with 5/8" adjustable toe stops, extremely long lasting, all toe stops come in a set of 2.