Sneaker skates are priced a la carte based on the components you choose (plates, wheels, bearings) plus the $40 strengthening metal insert & mounting fee of $60-75.

Here is our list of recommended components:
Sure Grip Avanti Aluminum Plate 
CIB Strengthening Metal Insert
Rollerbones Bearings
Outdoor Wheels
(wheel recommendation will vary depending on the type of skating that you are interested in)  

 We require that customers remove the insoles that come in the shoes prior to dropping them off at the shop for mounting. Many times the insoles that come with the shoes will be damaged in the process of removal and will need to be replaced. We carry some insoles in the shop that customers can purchase. Drugstore insoles will also work fine. If the insoles are not removed by the customer prior to drop-off, there will be an additional $10 labor fee for every 15 minutes required to remove the insoles.  

Pro Tip: It is recommended that you size up 1/2 a size in the sneakers that you choose. The extra room is needed for the strengthening inserts and mounting hardware required. 

Visit a Five Stride location or get in touch via email to discuss your dream skates!