Mia Palau


Mia Palau


Instagram: @miapalau 

Where do you live? Portland, OR

When did you start skating? I started to park skate in Barcelona, where I used to live. It is a skate capital, so how can you not? When I moved to Portland in 2017 I took up park skating again. In Portland, I started going to the different parks more consistently as a ways to socialize with other skaters and get to know my new city. 

Tell us about your park skate set-up: Boot: Riedell 495, Plate: PowerDyne Reactor, Wheels: D-Block 91A’s, Bearings: Bones Reds, Toe Stops: Bionics Super-stoppers, Pads & Protective Gear: 187 pads & S1 Lifer helmet, Accessories: Riedell Toe caps & a million different pairs of laces - I go through them FAST!

Favorite skate park? Luuwit Skate Spot in Portland & Novato in California.

Favorite skill or trick? I love airs, especially frontside 360’s!

What was the hardest skill or trick for you to learn & what is your advice for other skaters working on it? Getting my backside 180 was a pretty long process. My advice is break the trick up in as many possible smaller steps until it clicks. Be persistent, patient, and have fun with the process of getting there. 

What skill or tricks are you currently working on? Hoho's and getting out of stalls in a 360. 

What do you love about quad park skating? "All the joy that it brings me and the community that it creates."