Mia Palau


Instagram: @miapalau 

Where do you live? Portland, OR

When did you start skating?  I first started park skating super casually in my hometown Barcelona with some derby teammates. When I moved to Portland in 2017, I took up park skating again, partly to meet new people, partly to get to know my new city a little better, partly to drag my Wheels of Justice teammates to the park with me.

Tell us about your park skate set-up:

Boots: Riedell 495s
Plates: Sure Grip Avanti Magnesium Plates
Wheels: Spitfires Formula 4
Bearings: Bones Red
Toe stops: Bionic Super Stoppers / Chaya Cherry Bombs
Pads & Protective Gear: Triple 8 helmet / 187 pads

Favorite skate park? Locally, Clatskanie or Luuwit. Ever: WJ in Eugene and Linda Vista in San Diego.

Favorite skill or trick? Full cabs all day and grind variations.

What was the hardest skill or trick for you to learn & what is your advice for other skaters working on it? Some tricks take forever to learn – cleaning up my fakie full cabs was a months-long adventure. Only tip is to be consistent, break down the skill until it clicks, and try to have fun and not let the frustration or fear win. 

What skill or tricks are you currently working on? Trying to beef up my inverts and gymnastics game, but also working on getting better at street (two very different moods).

What do you love about quad park skating? The challenge, the community, the friendships, and the pure joy of landing a trick you’ve been wanting to get.