Instagram: @rebekah.m.bruce

Where do you live? Portland, OR

When did you start skating? I briefly explored the skateparks for the first time in July 2017. I didn’t have any guidance so I just went for it thinking it wouldn’t be to hard. I took a few spills cause I had no idea what I was doing. I left it alone for a little bit, but I was still very interested in it. I finally got introduced to CIB Bend in February 2018 where I had a lot of guidance and encouragement, I instantly fell in love and I have been park skating ever since.

Tell us about your park skating set-up: Boot: Moxi Lolly, Plate: Powerdyne Thrust, Wheels: Chicks in Bowls Vertex Wheels & Moxi Outdoor (gummy) Wheels for street skating, Bearings: Bones Reds, Toe Stops: Bionic Bigfoot Stoppers, Pads & Protective Gear: S1 Lifer Helmet, 187 Wrist Guards, 187 Slim Knee Pads, Atom Gear Elite Elbow Pads, Accessories: Roller Stuff Toe Caps, Bigfoot Bike & Skate Grind Blocks, Penny Skateboard 3” grind trucks

Favorite skate park? Beaverton Skatepark

Favorite trick? Judo Kick Hoho

What was the hardest skill or trick for you to learn & what is your advice for other skaters working on it? Hoho was the hardest for me to learn and I still can’t do it 100% every single time. My advice would be to try doing it on a bigger ramp even though its scary its a lot easier to do if you have enough speed. Give it all you can, just fling those legs up.

What skills or tricks are you currently working on? Slides and grinds

What do you love most about quad park skating? "I love how free it makes me feel. I love trying and exploring all the amazing tricks. The community I have gained from it makes me so happy."