Brandon Young


Instagram: @south_ttg

Where do you live? Newark, NJ

When did you start skating? Started skating at 10 years old. My brother & moms start working at the rink 

Tell us about your skate set-up: Boot: Riedell 3200s, Plate: Arius prototype plate, Wheels: white Radar Varsity wheels

Favorite skate spot? Branch Brook Park 

Favorite skill or trick? Trick is any one leg slide, skill is my balance 

What was the hardest skill or trick for you to learn? Hardest trick for me is a matrix and that’s because I still can’t do it how I would like to. My advice is keep working on the trick and you’ll eventually get it.

What skill or trick are you currently working on? Currently working on my Jb style of skating. Jb is a Chicago skate style 

What do you love most about rollerskating? "Teaching and watching skaters get better."