Radar Energy Wheels 62mm, 4 Pack

By Radar


These wheels are sold in packs of 4 wheels, enough for one skate. If you need a full set of 8 wheels, please add TWO packs to your cart!

• Size: 62mm x 32mm
• Hardness: 78A
• Type: Outdoor, Trail
• Colors: Clear Green, Clear Yellow, Pink, Teal, White

"Before I tried to Radar Energy 62mm wheels, I was never a fan of outdoor wheels. Typically outdoor wheels felt too soft & didn’t allow me to execute the quick roller derby style stops that I feel most comfortable with. These lower profile 62mm Energy wheels allow me to keep the control I want, but provide the right amount of gumminess needed for street skating in these unpredictable Portland streets. I also love all of the color options & the contrasting colors of the urethane & hub!" -punk