Superball Toe Stops

By Riedell


• Footprint: 64mm
• Stem: Long stem, 30mm, 5/8"
• Imperial thread

"I love these toe stops and have used them, exclusively, for jamming since their release. As soon as I got on these, I noticed improvements in my pushing power, stability when toeing the lines, and better stopping power. What I love about them is the dual durometer approach, which broadens the range of surfaces where these are effective. Where I found the traditional gumballs to loose grip on sport court, these were able to grip more securely. These have also held up on my outdoor set up incredibly well, with one pair lasting me an entire NYC summer." - Mack

"Big and stable! Perfect if you're looking for toestops with a large footprint. I use these for outdoor skating, where I want to feel secure and stable if I need to hop onto my toe stops for any reason." -Bella