JAMMERZ Toe Plugs 5/8"

$22.00 $26.00


Offered in four different styles!  Original, LightUp, Swirlz or Delrin


High Quality

Jammerz products are made from durable high quality Acrylic materials. Their light up products allow the built in LED lights to shine through.

The lights in their light up toe plugs can be turned on or off by simply removing the plug from the plate, turning them on or off with a simple twist of the back of the light. Then simply replace the plug back into the plate when finished. The batteries in the toe plugs are also replaceable.


These Jam plugs are only compatible with plates that have an adjustable toe stop.  Not sure which style plate you have?  You can call either store and we'd be happy to answer any questions for you.  Typically if you use a screwdriver with either a slotted or phillips head you have a "bolt on" toe stop, which would not be compatible.   If you remove your toe stop with either a wrench or allen wrench then you most likely have an adjustable toe stop.  

Popular brands that feature a bolt on toe stop are Impala, RW Wave, and some Chaya, Riedell or Sure Grip packages.

Popular brands that use an adjustable toe stop are Moxi, Moonlight, most Riedell, most Sure Grip, some Chaya packages.