The Five Stride location in Portland, OR has a ramp available for the community to skate, free of charge! The ramp is 3.5 feet tall and 12 feet wide with a small extension. If you’re a community based skate group interested in using the ramp, please reach out to our PDX shop

Rules for Skating on the PDX Ramp

  • The ramp is open for skating during weekday shop hours
  • Skaters must be comfortable skating on ramps and dropping in
  • Skating is first come, first serve; a skater can skate for one hour, or up to two hours if no one else is waiting to skate
  • Up to four people can skate at one time
  • All skaters must wear a helmet and sign a waiver to skate. You can sign the waiver before visiting
  • Minors are allowed to skate with their parent's permission
  • Skateboards are only allowed on the ramp during special events due to our space not being proofed for flying skateboards (the ramp is in the middle of the shop)

We also host Breakfast Bowl at our shop ramp every other Sunday during the winter months. Check our Instagram page for more info: @breakfastbowlskate

If you’re interested in learning to ramp skate, check out Portland's queer owned indoor skate park, Stronger Indoor Skate Park (Milwaukee).