Roll Line Killer Plate

$399.00 $479.00


• Ultra light plate made of special aluminum alloy and trucks with steel axles
• CNC milled construction
• Differently angled trucks: The larger angle of the front king pin allows the skater to enter turns more easily and with less pressure.
• The smaller angle of the back king pin improves stability and centering during turns.
• The different angled king pins make one footed transitions feel seamless, whether you're playing derby or looking for a dance plate with a toe stop.
• Click action adjustment system
• Metric threaded toe stop housing
• Comes standard in black, however they are still phasing out the silver, so plates shipped may be either silver or black.  Color may not be selected.
• We stock 8mm axle plates, but 7mm axles can be requested.

"The Killer plate has been a game changer for me. This plate offered me an opportunity for stability (that I didn't even know I needed until I experienced it!), without sacrificing agility. ultimately offering me a more responsive skating experience that I feel more in control of, thanks to the thoughtful design and consideration of where and how power transfer works in derby. With softer cushions, the bigger kingpin angle in the front offers the same type of agility found in some 45 degree plates, and the smaller angle under the heel offers a stable place to root yourself for both blocking and jamming."- Mack

"I noticed a difference with the Killer compared to other plates during my first practice with them. The different degrees of the front and back kingpin made me feel more agile, while simultaneously giving me more control over my movements." -Bella