Where can we find you on Instagram? @stomps_skates

Which Five Stride shop do you work in? Portland

What is your history with roller skating & what type of skating are you into now? I've been rink and parking lot skating my entire life, but it was watching Whip It that made me realize that, despite my lack of prior athleticism, I needed to play derby immediately. I started with Bay State Brawlers in Massachusetts when I was 29, and since then I've skated with Tampa, briefly with BAD, a few years with Emerald City in Eugene, and now I'm with Rose. I started park skating while in Eugene, and fell in love fast and hard! I love that I get to work on my skills as an individual while still spending time with and encouraging/getting encouragement from my friends. Bowl skating is my favorite, but I'm reluctantly becoming acquainted with the coping.

Tell us about your roller skate setups & gear that you love... 
Derby: Riedell 495 boots, Roll Line Killer plates, Halo 91s wheels, Roll Line bearings, Roll Line small hockey toe stops

Park: Vans sneakers, Avanti Magnesium Plates, some no-name low/wide trucks that I love, Wild Bones Low bones blocks, CIB wheels 101s, and Bionic toe stops

Gear: S1 Lifer Helmet, 187 Derby Wrists, Scabs elbows, S1 Knees, Sisu mouth guard

What is your favorite skate spot? My favorite skate parks are WJ in Eugene and Tigard, though I spend the most time at Luuwit or on the shop ramp!

What's your favorite thing about working at Five Stride? I love how excited people are to get into skating or to upgrade their setups, and getting to be a part of people's skate journey is so wholesome. Who doesn't love New Skate Day??!! This is by far the best job I've ever had!!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that isn't related to roller skating! I lived in 4 different states in less than 2 years! I'm also really good at finding 4 leaf clovers.

What do you love most about roller skating? I love the community that comes with it. I've moved so many times and every time I end up in a new state or city, it comes with a built-in friend group! I also love how Queer skating tends to be :)