Where can we find you on Instagram? @stan_the_woman21

Which Five Stride shop do you work in? Portland

What is your history with roller skating & what type of skating are you into now? I have been roller skating my whole life! Started playing Roller Derby when I was 13, been playing competitively for 10 years and moved to Portland from Des Moines, Iowa to play for the Wheels of Justice. I have also been Aggressive Park Skating for about three years and am obsessed with the thrills a halfpipe can bring. Always having a great time with wheels on my feets!

Tell us about your roller skate setups & gear that you love... 
Park Setup: Riedell 495s, Avanti Magnesium Plate, Sure Grip Park Series Wide Trucks, CIB Slide Block, Chaya Cherry Bomb toe stops, and Bones Reds bearings all the wayyyyy.
Derby Setup: Bont Hybrid Carbon Boots, Roll Line Blaster plate, Roll Line Large Hockey toe stop, and some good ole DerbyLaces Core waxed laces.
187 Killer Pads for everything, SISU mouthguard for the teefs, and S1 helmets for the noggin!

What is your favorite skate spot? Clatskanie, Oregon skatepark
Silverton, Oregon skatepark
Five Stride Skate Shop PDX ;)

What's your favorite thing about working at Five Stride? The people 100%. The skate community is my community and it grows larger every day! I love meeting brand new skaters that are purchasing their first pair of skates, as well as reconnecting with long time rollers... And Gucci...Gucci probably takes first place in my favorite thing about working at Five Stride.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that isn't related to roller skating! I was born in Waiblingen, Germany and lived in Northern Greece until I was about three! I am Greek and very proud to be!

What do you love most about roller skating? Friends, Community, Competition, Personal Growth and Development, and so much more.