Staff Profile- Punk




Which Five Stride shop do you work in? Portland

What is your history with roller skating & what type of skating are you into now? Besides the occasional childhood birthday skate, I didn’t start skating until 2009 when I discovered roller derby. A few of my good friends were founding members of a new league in my hometown in the mountains of Western North Carolina & I knew immediately that I needed roller derby in my life. I skated with my hometown league, Appalachian Roller Derby, for a few seasons & eventually transferred to a more established, competitive league in Asheville, North Carolina called the Blue Ridge Rollergirls. Through the course of my roller derby days, I skated with a handful of pick-up teams & a couple other leagues as I moved around the U.S. Currently, I live in Portland, OR & my spine is getting a much needed break from contact sports. I primarily park & street skate these days. I also enjoy the occasional waltzy skate dance class at the local rink & getting sweaty in a Zoom class with Tanya Dean of Skaterobics.   

Tell us about your roller skate setups & gear that you love…

Boot: Moxi Jack boot in Jade
Plate: PowerDyne Reactor
Toe Stops: Roll Line Small Hockey stops
Rink wheels: Rollerbones 98A Team wheels
Outdoor wheels: Bont Street Flow or Radar Energy 57mm
Park Skating: Rollerbones Bowl Bombers
Protective Gear: S1 Knee Pads & Lifer Helmet, 187 Slim Elbow pads, Atom Palm Guards 

What is your favorite skate spot? My favorite spot is anywhere without children. An early morning session at Luuwit Skate Spot in NE Portland before the skateboarders take over is lovely. When I played roller derby, the worn concrete of the Asheville Civic Center was my favorite surface.  

What's your favorite thing about working at Five Stride? As a queer woman, I appreciate working for a small, queer owned business alongside folks whose values align closely with my own.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that isn't related to roller skating! I love my dog so much that I think my heart might explode! 

What do you love most about roller skating? The absurdity. Roller skating is so uniquely human & brings a certain levity to the human experience.