Where can we find you on Instagram? @mminakopp

Which Five Stride shop do you work in? Brooklyn

What is your history with roller skating & what type of skating are you into now? I started rollerskating during September 2020. Since then, it’s become my main obsession and you can find me scootin’ around the streets of NYC or dance skating on any smooth patch of concrete I can find.

Tell us about your roller skate setups & gear that you love... I have… an embarrassing number of skates but I have three main setups for park, street, and indoor dance skating. My park skates are Vans mounted onto Avanti Magnesium plates with XOXO trucks, Fundae wheels, and CIB Slide Blocks. For dance, I use my Green Apple Moxi Lollies on All American Plus wheels with light up Jammerz jam plugs. My beloved street setup is white and blue Adidas Flaneurz on a Roll-Line Variant plate with Flaneurz x Roll-Line wheels and large Roll-Line hockey stops. My favorite wheels of ALL time are 57mm Radar Energy wheels!

What is your favorite skate spot? Pier 3 at Brooklyn Bridge Park is my OG spot but I think Pier 76 is my new favorite. I also frequent Crazy Legs with Hehkhepri!

What's your favorite thing about working at Five Stride? Everyone I work with! My coworkers and my bosses have quickly become some of my absolute favorite humans and I’m grateful for their kindness, knowledge, and for putting me onto Newtown’s seitan chorizo sandwiches.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that isn't related to roller skating! My favorite color is NOT green, despite my hair and the fact that a lot of my wardrobe is green. Color coordinating is fun. My favorite color’s actually blue.

What do you love most about roller skating? Skating brings me a lot of unconditional, childlike joy that I wasn’t really able to find anywhere else. I really think it’s made me happier overall and it’s brought me into an incredible community I never would have found otherwise.