Staff Profile - Hehkhepri




Where can we find you on Instagram? @Hehkhepri_m

Which Five Stride shop do you work in? Brooklyn

What is your history with roller skating & what type of skating are you into now? Learned how to skate as teen at Empire Skate Rink (rip). (Re)Began rhythm skating in 2013 on a whim.

Tell us about your roller skate setups & gear that you love... 
Boot: Moxi BlackJack
Plate: Atom Pilot Falcon
Wheels: All American Plus (Rhythm), Sure Grip Fame (Park), Radar Energy 57 (Street)
Protective Gear: 187 Street knees
Accessories: CIB Slide Blocks, Bones Reds Bearing, Bones Big Balls Bearings (Street)

What is your favorite skate spot? Crazy Legs Skate Club (Brooklyn Skates)
Betsy Head Skate Park
United Skates of America (Long Island)

What's your favorite thing about working at Five Stride? I get to put my friends onto better skates

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that isn't related to roller skating! I created my own streetwear brand for roller skaters, called Roll Bounce Rock Skatewear. (

What do you love most about roller skating? Freedom?